Progressive Punishment Training. Once secured you are given a set number of strokes (just 5 or 6 to start with), then Mistress will chose a different implement. This continues allowing you to become acquainted with every implement of punishment. Queening (face sitting). In some cases Mistress may wish to sit down, and if Mistress is feeling generous, you may find out that your face makes the perfect cushion. Anal training. This is the only chance of sex, Mistress may just use her fingers to explore, or may even open your eyes with a dildo, of which Mistress has several different sizes. If Mistress wishes then she will put on one of her strap-on dildos, which are about 9” in length and 5” in girth. When Mistress decides you are ready she will push your limits by subjecting you to one of her Fucking Machines. (condoms are used at all times) Hair removal by fire. Yes this beats shaving, and no chance of a cut, Mistress will just set fire to your body hair. This will not burn the skin (unfortunately), and giving the optical illusion of your little worm being larger than it is… Electrics. The sensation of small electric shock (no, not mains), more like a static electric shock, but controllable in power and location. It may be your arms, legs or how about your cock and balls, OH YES.. Foot, shoe and boot worship. This will involve you cleaning Mistress’s shoes or boots with your tongue, you may be one of the lucky ones and be allowed to lick between Mistress’s toes and kiss her feet all over. Trampling. Mistress will walk all over you physically either barefoot or in shoes (stiletto heels of course), Mummification / wrapping. Mistress will completely wrap you up in cling film, which forms extreme bondage. Breath control. Mistress will have control of when you can breath and for how long. Hot and cold. This can be applied to most areas, but the most sensitive are the best, first ice is used to ensure the area is cold, then hot wax is dripped on the same area, or it may even be the side of a cigarette. Face slapping. As it says, this is where you are slapped across the face, it could be Mistress’ s bare hand, rubber glove or leather gloved hand. CBT. How about having your baby makers squashed and pulled (don’t worry about getting an erection during this punishment you wont). Or having weights hung from that little cocks of yours, it may even stretch a little. One thing Mistress likes to do is put your limp cock into a harness and fasten it up, then you are teased to see if you can get an erection, not doing so would be an insult to Mistress (very unwise). Climax control. In some cases Mistress may order you to masturbate. It could be that mistress’s sub-slut is present to watch also. Either way you can only cum if mistress says so, you can’t stop unless Mistress says so, if told to stop you must stop. Disobey Mistress’s orders and you fail. If you fail you must be punished, be warned now, this is a serious offence. Kicking. Should Mistress wish to exercise her beautiful legs, then it maybe that you need to be kicked. This could be with heavy shoes, nice light stiletto’s or could even be barefoot, though this is very unlikely as Mistress has no wish to hurt or damage her toes. Ball busting.  To see and learn just how easily mistress can disable you, this is the one. It may be that you are restrained, or left free depending on the mood of Mistress, other ladies may be present. What ever position you are told to get into your worthless little balls will be exposed, so Mistress can get a nice clean kick or knee in. one tip take a deep breath. Hot and cold restrained shower and water blasting. You will be subjected to hot and cold showers, Mistress has the control. And your hands will be restrained also. Water torture. An old Japanese method, but so annoying, but you will be restrained so you can’t stop it or get away. Medical inspection. To check those hard to reach areas. Colonic irrigation. To get you really clean inside. Needles and piercing. This can be temporary or permanent. Sewing or stitching. Mistress is willing to sew bits of you up, it’s a method that’s guaranteed to stop you wanking. Cutting. Making small light cuts, which in some cases may be cleaned with salty water or even salt n vinegar, it stops infection. Toilet box / watersports. Were Mistress or her subjects will allow you the delights of there golden nectar. Punishment bench. Very useful if you move too much when your bent over for your cane or strap. Voyeurism. Be restrained as Mistress puts on a show for you, or how about a lesbian show. But no touching Mistress or yourself. Spitting. Not too hard to work out, but Mistress will spit on you, in your face or mouth or even your pathetic little willy.